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Student MBA Theses

Military Business Success
This team is working on the NAVAIR SBIR research project. They have done a literature review of entrepreneurial firm success factors and developed qualitative interview questions. They plan to interview a small number of firms and Program Managers to determine what these stakeholders consider to be success in the SBIR program.
Military and Business Culture
This team is doing a literature review and comparing Military and Business culture as found in an Acquisition Program Office. Based upon organizational and team level differences between military and business culture this thesis will predict potential conflicts.
Simulating Trust
This team is performing the verification step in the Verification, Validation and Accreditation process (VV&A) for a simulation of a project workgroup that incorporates research findings on Trust. The output of this thesis will provide the basis for future validation of this simulation.
Trust in the AAAV Program Office
This team is analyzing data on Trust that was collected from the AAAV Program Office. This thesis will provide statistical results that can be used in an article on Trust in Alpha Contracting Acquisition Program Offices.
Evaluating the A in VV&A
This team is evaluating the costs and benefits of extending COMOPTEVFORINST 5000.1 from being recommended to mandatory. This thesis will provide valuable input to NAVSMO and the Navy.
Modeling Natural Gas Usage
This team is comparing a new strategy for natural gas purchase with the traditional method. Secondary data on natural gas usage and commodity prices is used in an Excel model to predict the cost of gas for commands using the two different buying systems.
International Marketing Case Study
Funding was received from IMET to develop an international case study for use in NPS’s Marketing course. This team wrote a case study, teaching notes and lessons learned for the Hellenic Ministry of Defence’s new data link product INTERLINK.
Using commercial aviation information systems in operational support airlift decision support systems
This team identified the opportunity to apply microjet decision support system technology to US Joint Operational Support Airlift Center’s operations. A limited feasibility study was conducted to identify the problems and benefits of using this technology. Recommendations were made to contribute to JOSAC’s mission.
Ubiquitous Power; Opportunities and Benefits of the Photo-Voltaic Power Converter for the Individual War Fighter
This team estimated the potential savings to the Army available by replacing the current disposable batteries with rechargeable solar batteries using the photo voltaic power converter. A market research group discussion was conducted to determine the war fighters needs and used to develop the product’s requirements definition.
Brand Management Approach to PsyOps
This team is conducting a review of US Military Psychological Operations to identify issues which could be assisted through the application of canonical Marketing theory and techniques. The deliverable will be guidelines to the application of marketing principles to PsyOps.
International Student Market Research
Funding was received from IMET to conduct a market research type study of GSBPP’s International Students. A team of international students will interview stakeholders at NPS to determine their information needs. They will then interview graduating international students, newly arriving international students and conduct a questionnaire with international students. They will also conduct a group discussion with US students. Their deliverables will be a presentation for GABPP faculty and recommendations for student administrators.
Educating the Naval Aviator
This team will identify the typical career paths for naval aviators and analyze the billets likely to be occupied at the Captain and Commander levels to identify necessary business skills.